Retail Banking

Surprise your customers with intelligent, agile and improved services through business banking process automation and advanced integrated technology.

Your customers are looking for quick, convenient and personalized banking services, but are
your systems ready to satisfy their demands?

Retail Banking
Retail Banking

The Problem

Retail banking customers are looking for services including opening an account, checking their balance, and a money transfer feature that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Driven by the penetration of mobile phone technology and FinTech, the considerable lag in modernization can result in decreased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall customer profitability to the financial institutions.

The Solution

With the robust and proven FinTech Platform solutions, Ascertain enables banks to deliver on
these expectations and offer their customers a personalized, relevant and enhanced experience. Ascertain provides the retail banks the agility to innovate and improve customer service and support systems through continuous improvement.


Reduce Operational Costs – With customer onboarding and acquisition, being digitized benefits from reduced operational costs and processing time.
Increase customer satisfaction – Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with real-time notifications, alerts, user-friendly applications, and online service support.

Continuous improvement – Fulfil your customers’ needs even before they submitrequests through routine improvements on features based on customer input andanalytics, without making many changes to the core.
Accelerate Cheque technical data verification – With a robust automation and image recognition system, accelerate the cheque technical data verification process and reduce manual errors.