Reg-Tech Solutions

Strengthen and regulate compliance and security of the system to prevent potential data breaches and maintain transparency.

Bank regulatory and compliance policies keep changing to combat risk and fraudulent activities. Are your systems compatible with this changing environment?

Reg-Tech Solutions
Reg-Tech Solutions

The Problem

Regulatory compliance is one of the most significant challenges faced by the banking industry. As data breaches and privacy concerns intensify, regulatory and compliance requirements become more restrictive. Continuous improvement in the structure & system while setting up a culture of compliance within the organization is the need of the hour.

The Solution

Ascertain provides a robust system for banks to continually mitigate and prevent risky activities through the integration of technology. With years of experience and domain expertise, our solutions help banks identify and address fraud, minimize compliance risk, and regulate standardization. Our modern and proven Fintech products allow organizations to keep up with new regulatory policy changes constantly.


Simplify Transaction Screening, Document classification and verification – Eliminate the hassle of strenuous document verification and screening processes andreduce manual errors through automation.
Robust Fraud Detection – Our robust systems detect and alert you in case of fraud. It prevents data breaches.

Easy Bank Statement reconciliation – Reconcile bank documents easily with your customers’ payment activity to be informed and keep aware.
Seamless Remittance & Invoice Management –  Maintain and manage remittance and invoice seamlessly with the integrated end-to-end robust single platform.