Investment Banking

Update and integrate your banking systems with proven business banking automation solutions to thrive through the competition.

Your banking solutions should prioritize your customers’ requirements while simultaneously being ready to adapt to regulatory changes. Are your solutions ready?

Investment Banking
Investment Banking

Ascertain offers a proven suite of Fintech products that can be deployed separately or in combination to offer scalability to your business requirements.

●  Improve Fund Site Management
●  Easy Digital Investment Management
●Fast Nominee Dividend Processing (corporate actions)

The Problem

Investment banks are constantly challenged with the ever-transforming regulatory changes and continually multiplying customer base. Besides these changes, banks must also strive to maintain transparency and have an alert, robust risk analytics system. Compliance with technology and automation is the solution to combat the growing and changing needs.

The Solution

Ascertain offers a proven suite of Fintech products as solutions that can be deployed separately or in combination with your existing system, quite seamlessly, to provide scalability to your business requirements. These solutions maintain transparency, complying with the industry regulatory standards, for easy digital management from your consumers’ end.


Improve Fund Site Management – With efficient automated tools, you can oversee and handle the cash flow easily. Seamlessly manage the maturity schedules of deposits, balance the influence of liabilities and assets on your credit, etc.
Easy Digital Investment Management – A blend of financial and business management functions, this solution simplifies the process of managing your digital investments. It includes banking, budgeting and tax services & duties.

Fast Nominee Dividend Processing (corporate actions) – With a robust automation system, you will find time to deal with bigger corporate decisions as the tedious Nominee Dividend processing is fast, efficient, and safe.