Corporate Banking

Interface your back-end office support with operating systems that enable scalability and growth. Banking methods are changing. Prioritizing business process automation is the key to success and survival. But are you ready for the change?

Corporate Banking
Corporate Banking

The Problem

Corporate banks have been challenged with changing business models and increasing customer demands. The transition from legacy systems to innovative solutions is time- consuming and heavy on the pocket. Shifting to an entirely new business model is nearly impractical for banks that lay constraints on time and have a long huge customer base to handle and manage.

The Solution

Ascertain offers a complete end-to-end integrated solution for modern-day banking that is built on Cloud, embracing complete automation and artificial intelligence for its processes. Our solutions are developed keeping in mind your business problems, making it easy to integrate, apply and adapt them to your existing systems, seamlessly and effectively.


Easy Customer Onboarding – Cut time and operational costs to onboard corporate customers by eliminating paper-based documentation and handling conversions through automation.
Increase customer retention – With a quick and responsive customer service support system, increase customer retention and satisfaction and win their loyalty.

Automate dividend processing – Digitize and reduce dividend processing time to provide your customers with an enhanced, quick service. Manage multiple stakeholders and data files easily.
Improve payroll and statutory body processing – Manage and process all statutory body payments from multiple source channel systems of the bank and send consolidated statutory body files to the respective statutory bodies seamlessly.