Co-operative Banking

Simplify and speed up loan processing and management to offer your customers enhanced banking experiences.

Loan application and processing have majorly been digitized and automated to satisfy the fast-paced customer demands. Are your systems ready for the same?

Co-operative Banking
Co-operative Banking

The Problem

Customers are always looking for banks that can offer them quick loans sanctions within restrictive business days. Traditional loan processing is time-consuming and strenuous, requiring the applicant to submit many documents and the officer to process them manually for verification. In addition to this, the large number of incoming loan applications every day further delay the process and hence lead to customer dissatisfaction.

The Solution

With proven solutions from Ascertain, loan processing, document verification, and sanction can be fully converted to a digital process. Now, your customers do not have to wait for days to get their documents processed and verified. Deliver them services in real-time, reduce manual errors and operational tasks, enhance experiences, and increase work productivity.


Automate Loan Application – Reduce operational tasks and dependency byautomating loan application processes where customers can now, apply and fill out the necessary details, digitally.
Compatible Member and Loan Management System – Seamlessly maintain customer loan applications, digital documents and signatures safely in a secure and compliant manner.

Increase work efficiency – Digitize to eliminate paper-based process dependency and increase work efficiency by enabling your loan officers to focus on valuable customer advisory and sales tasks.
Enhance customer experience – With integrated solutions and robust systems, inform your customers of detailed and accurate stage-by-stage loan processing movements from loan origination to collection.