The Green Flags of A Happy Team

The Green Flags of A Happy Team

Ascertain Technologies - Green flags of a happy team

Did you know that on average, humans spend one-third of their lives at work?

That is equal to roughly about 90,000 hours in our lifetime!

This is why building a happy workplace environment is one of the most empowering things employers can do for their employees.

A strong workplace culture stems from a mixture of elements including organizational leadership, values, beliefs, attitudes, and interactions – all of which combined will determine the emotional and relational environment of your workplace.

As a longtime advocate of workplace culture, I can vouch that it is the single most important thing you can do to empower your team! Yes, it does take a village to move a mountain – workplace culture has to be ingrained in the DNA of an organization for it to stay close to your employees’ hearts, but it is worth all the effort. 

Interestingly, this was also what triggered me to come up with the ‘Work For Yourself, Not For The Company!’ purpose statement for my companies. I saw it as a very simple yet powerful way of reminding my team members to stay motivated, feel valued, and be driven at work. 

The very importance I placed on prioritising employee happiness from the earlier days, allowed me to witness invaluable benefits like improved workplace sentiment, productivity increase, reduced attrition, and ultimately, business prosperity.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules as to how we build a motivated team, but real success come through commitment and consistency to always act in the best interest of our team members.   

A hopeful takeaway I wish to share from my experiences in driving the people-first mindset across my organisations is that we must never be shy to place our bets in workplace culture. An empowered workplace is a win-win for everyone.

The moment employers or anyone sitting in leadership roles at companies starts appreciating their employees better, whether it is by giving words of affirmation, career growth opportunities, or performance rewards, they will soon start seeing that employees will be keener to go the extra mile for the company’s benefit. 

And on this note, this is where I remain thankful to my team of amazing talents who have always stood by my side, giving their 101% dedication and commitment to driving success for both themselves and our companies. The smiles and sentiments I see in my office are a testament to the groundwork I have done to enable happiness as a culture in our companies.

I take a huge amount of pride in the fact that we have many members on our team who have been with us through thick and thin from Day 1 of starting Ascertain TechnologiesFinforz Technologies, and RinggitPay . Through the emphasis on workplace culture, we have also been able to attract, upskill and retain some of the most experienced subject matter experts in their respective domains.

Adding on that, our collective attrition rates have remained under 5% – something that is only attainable through the strong bonding and dedication our members have showcased for the organisation. 

All things considered, I would strongly say that investing in people and building a happy workplace is what served as a key foundation to the success of my companies today.

Rest assured, a positive workplace that champions a culture of empowerment will always be my ultimate priority – yesterday, today, and, forever!

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