Digitize image capturing, data screening and verification to reduce manual errors

Improve compliance to minimize errors and maximize efficiency with the smart and intelligent image recognition system.
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Intelligent Image Processing Engine to capture data, convert and collate information

Image Processing Engine by Ascertain is a business-ready AI-powered solution that allows you to extract data and information quickly from images and scanned documents. Used by financial industries and/or other industries, the system offers scalable architecture enabling various extension possibilities to address and capture other needs within an enterprise 


Improve process efficiency and reduce manual errors

  • Convert paper-based documents to data digitally and simplify handling paper-based documents.
  • Image stitching eliminates the process of manual document page reordering and restructuring.

Easy data extraction and document management

  • Extract and convert data from images to documents.
  • Automated Indexing and Image Document Classification make data management easy to store and search based on predefined keywords.
  • Large number of documents can be extracted and stored in one document format.

Advanced AI-powered system built with machine learning technology

  • The system is designed to extract data using various technologies such as OCR/ICR/SVU/OMR/barcode.
  • Supports and recognizes more than 150 languages.

Scalable design with easy integration applications for your business

  • Its flexible design enables various extension possibilities to also address other capture needs within an enterprise.
  • Provides API support for easy integration and application.

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