Ascertain have been providing services to Banks, Cooperative companies, Enterprises, SMEs since 2008. Our services include developing IT solutions, Data Processing, Data Capturing and Managed Services. Our Solutions are proven and implemented for across Banks, Multinational corporates in this region.

Client Onboarding – The Onboarding Experience: Give Customers A Great Start

Easy Customer Onboarding
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Document Management
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Document Processing
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Account Creation
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Internet Banking Profile Creation
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Status & Reporting
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Real-Time Notifications
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Integration with External Systems

Transaction Screening System

Our TSS solutions enables banks and financial institutions to reduce the risk in transaction processing and ensure sanctions compliance.


  • Seamless and multi-option interface capability with existing transaction processing platforms
  • Configurable and rule based parameters to identify & trap “compliance” transactions
  • Automates creation & transmission of event and action notifications via SMS/ Email/Fax
  • Comprehensive workflow, escalation and service-level agreement (SLA) matrix to support decision making process
  • Efficient repository, retrieval and archival of supporting documents and data
  • Supports detailed and comprehensive reporting and analytics


  • Client Onboarding – Data Repository, Workflow & SLA, MIS & Alerts, Security  & Control, Integration
  • Document Assessor – AMLA & Sanction Country
  • Imaging – OCR / ICR / OMR
  • Notifications – SMS / Email

Robotic Process Automation

Receipt and Invoice Capture


Ascertain RPA is different than other RPA platforms. It is a extension of our Bizflow platform which comprises of built in workflow, image processing (OCR, Barcode,QR Code ) , system interface and data transformation manager, event based notification engine.

It is cost effective and able to perform automation on web, windows and console applications.

Dividend Management System

DMS mainly handles dividends, general offer, capital repayment, interest payment, rights issuance rights refund, income distribution, REIT payments and Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) payments end to end pre and post processing activities. As of today DMS have successfully processed millions of transactions and handles data validation along the way seamlessly.

DMS maintains & understands all the Registrars profiles, counter, cycle management and its business scope, rules, file formats (inbound/outbound), conversions and registrar specific reports. DMS supports the various registrar specific requirements such as Payment Aggregation (at transaction level), Cycle Level Segregation, Complete Fee-Billing Module with GST compliance.


  • Registrar Profiling
  • Dividend Cycle
  • Fee, Charges & Billing
  • Interface
  • Cheque Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Maintenance
  • Report Management
  • Notification Broadcast

Bulk Payment Manager

Bulk Payment Manager (BPM) is an web based system developed & designed to handle the end to end electronic and paper based bulk payment processing workflow.

  • Easy Implementation, supports multiple data format – Plugin Model
  • In-built payment processing engine and flexible to integrate with any Core Banking Host / platform.
  • Support various reporting requirement – clients & bank, daily status report, cheque status report etc.

Document Management System / Data Classification

This enterprise solution supports to create, capture, index, maintain, store and retrieve and dispose the information like electronic documents, images, email messages, and other computer files, as well as scanned paper documents in digital format. It provides the document management functionality like version control and file history, metadata, scanning, workflow, search, storage, and indexing.

The main feature of Document Management is to converts your documents into editable and searchable formats by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology. While doing OCR, documents will be categorized based on the predefined keywords. The system can be used by customer sector handling critical data processing to search for specific predefined keywords and get alert. Example: Banks, Universities, Corporates

Key Features – Document Extraction and Classification supports,

  • All type of image document .pdf, .png, .jpeg/.jpg, .tiff/.tif , .bmp
  • Automated image document classification.
  • Automated indexing.
  • Enhance recognition accuracy with powerful document cleanup and preprocessing.
  • Automatic detection and correction of page orientation and skew angle.
  • Blank page detection.
  • Advanced, user-friendly tools for template creation.
  • Extraction based on template.
  • Full page extraction.
  • All types of barcode. QR code & MICR.
  • OMR forms (e.g. surveys)
  • More than 50 languages (including Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese)
  • IWR (Intelligent Word Recognition)
  • Transaction sanction filtering.
  • Conversion from image document to editable document.

Global Positive Pay

Global Positive Pay (GPP) is a fraud prevention mechanism that reconciles cheque being encashed against details of the cheque issued by the account holder. For example, the positive pay process entails a daily reconcilement of a company’s issued cheques presented for payment to the bank to identify potentially fraudulent cheque. In case of mismatch the cheques will not be honoured or cheques will be returned.

Key Features:

  • Monitoring and detection of unusual check activity
  • Timely detection of fraudulent instruments.
  • Ability to make pay/no pay decisions on potentially fraudulent checks
  • Create processing rules to systematically accept or reject transactions

Currently, Global Positive Pay is deployed in 12 countries across South East Asia and Middle East regions.

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