DataFuze is a one stop solution for data transformation requirements. It supports:

  • Extract data from multiple data sources
  • Transform the data for storing it in proper format or structure for querying and analysis purpose
  • Load it into the final target (database, file, data warehouse)
  • Integration methods such as Message Queuing Service, SFTP, Web Service and etc


Easy & Dynamic Configuration using Web UI
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File Type Support
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Data/Field Mapping
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Record Grouping
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Interface Manager
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File Splitting
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File Merging
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Unlimited Conversion
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Encryption and Decryption
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Live Monitoring
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Global Positive Pay
With DataFuze, different format from different country inward file and images are converted and integrated with external system like CTS.

Bulk Payment Manager
Multiple payment file format converted and integrated with external system.• C2R
Datafuze is used to migrate the data from the old CMS into new CMS.

Different customer files format is converted to Cash Management forma

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