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Convert, Monitor and Transform data from one system to another seamlessly

Convert, transform and monitor data transformation activities using a single platform quickly and easily.
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Interface, Integrate, Transform and Covert data all from a single and robust platform

Data Mapping, Conversion and Transformation Engine by Ascertain is a one-stop solution
for all interface, integration & data transformation requirements for your business. Extract &
convert data from multiple sources into a specific format. Monitor data transformation
activities using end-to-end data conversion & transformation platform with interface


Simplified management and conversation of data in real-time

  • Extraction of data from multiple sources.
  • Monitoring of transformation activities from one platform.
  • Easy conversion and transformation of data into a specific and desired file format.
  • Integration and extraction of data are done online and in real-time.

Easy and dynamic configuration for extended scalability for your business needs

  • Supports integration methods such as SFTP, JDBC, SSH, FTP, MQ, and web service
  • Converts formats such as Excel, fixed-length, JSON, CSV, XML, DBF etc.
  • Batch extraction and loading can be avoided, allowing fast throughput and decrease in
    turnaround time.

Enhanced customer experiences

  • Monitor and focus more on high-priority tasks via escalation and alerts.
  • Connect customers through multi-channel communication systems.

Automating banking processes and simplifying
the way you work. Ascertaining the future of
banking and finance