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Customer Onboarding: The secret behind every business success

Customer experience, rooted in customer satisfaction, is pivotal for any business. Prioritizing seamless experiences not only fosters customer loyalty and revenue growth but also establishes a strong brand reputation and sets you apart from competitors. The key to business success lies in the graph of customer onboarding and retention rates, where effective customer onboarding plays a critical role in converting leads into satisfied customers. While marketing efforts may attract leads, it’s the efficiency and effectiveness of Customer Onboarding that truly determines conversion success.

Customer Onboarding: The secret behind every business success​

The first impression is the best impression.

True to its context, Customer Onboarding can make or break a business deal. It creates the first impression of the brand in the customer’s mind, introducing them to your product or service offerings, and or brand.

Customer Onboarding simplifies your customer journey by;

In short, an effective Customer Onboarding is the key to your business growth.

Customer Onboarding evolution in the digital era

Fintech has significantly evolved Customer Onboarding, enabling hyper-personalized services targeted to enhance customer experiences and offer convenience. To cater to the growing customer demands, challenges, and remain competitive, it is imperative for businesses to offer streamlined & enhanced customer experience.

Effective online customer onboarding can help you;

  1. Increase process & operations efficiency
  2. Enhance user experience
  3. Save time & costs
  4. Improve visibility
  5. Reduce risks of manual errors or fraud

How Ascertain can help you to enhance your customer onboarding processing?

With over 15+ years of experience in the banking and finance domain, Ascertain Technologies understand the pain points of customer onboarding in banking and finance companies. Ascertain enables business to.

  1. Streamline Online Applications: Reduce online application process timing by implementing our solution that enables auto-capture & filling of data from documents or images uploaded. Integrate with our smart forms, that eliminates the need for manually entering data, greatly enhancing your user experience.
  2. Enable e-KYC and Verification: Our eKYC features allows customers to submit identity documents and verify their identity online. By Utilizing the facial recognition and biometric authentication features the security and convenience would be further enhanced.
  3. Offer Mobile-Friendly Onboarding & Maintain Cross-Channel Consistency: Cater to your larger customer base using smartphones by offering a user-friendly, mobile-responsive application. Ensure a consistent customer experience across all digital channels (website, mobile app, social media) to provide a seamless experience, regardless of how they interact your business.
  4. Automate Workflow: Our solution helps you automate mundane repetitive tasks and effectively increase process efficiency by reducing dependency on manual tasks. With automated workflows, you can now speed up approval processes, hence save time and cost.
  5. Offer Personalization: Integrated with Smart Notification Engine, enable real-time notification alerts via e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS or other communication channel to keep your customer informed and personalize their onboarding journey. Further retarget your customers and introduce them with your new product features/service and keep them engaged with your brand.
  6. Analyze and Monitor: Keep track of your customers onboarding journey using our insightful dashboard, allowing you to identify bottlenecks, drop-off points, or areas where customers struggle, make informed business decisions and improvements based on data-driven user insights.
  7. Maintain Regulatory Compliance: Customer Onboarding Solution by Ascertain Technologies ensure your processes align with compliance requirements and keep you updated with the changing regulations.


Convenience is the key to happy customer! Offer your customer the delight of convenience by streamlining your customer onboarding processing, with Ascertain Technologies. Head to our website to learn more about our proven Customer Onboarding Solution, successfully implemented for multiple businesses with different onboarding requirements across South-East Asia.

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