Corporate Banking

Explore our implementations that addresses your commercial and private banking client's requirements and help you expand your customer base.
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Interface your back-end office support with operating systems that
enable scalability and growth. 

Corporate Banking methods are changing. Prioritizing business process automation is the key to success and survival. But are you ready for the change?  

The Problem

Transition from legacy systems to innovative solutions is time-consuming and costly.

With the growing advancement in technologies, it is vital for banks to shift from traditional banking methods to online corporate banking software to cater to theincreasing customer demands. However, adapting to the changing market needs and technology advancement becomes challenging for banks with large customer data base. 

Corporate Banking

The Solution

Ascertain offers a complete end-to-end integrated solution for modern-day banking.

Corporate Banking
Built on Cloud, embracing complete automation and artificial intelligence for its processes,  Corporate banking solutions by Ascertain enables you to simplify customer onboarding and eliminate repetitive manual operational tasks.  


Banking Solutions that are implemented using our FinTech Platform.

Corporate Banking

Easy Customer Onboarding

Cut time and operational costs to onboard corporate customers by eliminating paper-based documentation and handling conversions through automation.

Corporate Banking

FPX Reconciliation Engine

Reconciliation engine that handles millions of data from BNM, FPX and Internal banking systems to filter the exception list for further analysis.

Corporate Banking

Automate Dividend Processing

Digitize and reduce dividend processing time to provide your customers with an enhanced, quick service. Manage multiple stakeholders and data files easily, a major requirement in corporate investment banking. 

Corporate Banking

Centralized Statutory Body Processing Engine

Robust solution to handle your corporate customer payroll files and process inbound /outbound data between EPF , (KWSP), SOCSO, LHDN systems, Bank channels and back-office systems.

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