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Quick, responsive & intuitive omnichannel platform for an enhanced customer experience

Send real-time notifications of your customer’s banking activities to maintain transparency and improve customer experience.
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Smarter customer service and AI-powered omnichannel notification engine

Omnichannel notification engine by Ascertain is an intuitive system that handles all your communication needs, either manual or system generated. With easy-to-use applications and no requirement for coding knowledge, integrate your back-end systems easily and connect to your customers through various types of notifications such as SMS, e-mail, push or fax.


Automate notifications and alerts based on events

  • Keep your customers informed about their banking activities.
  • Maintain transparency and customer loyalty.

A single platform solution that encompasses all notification channels

  • A multi-channel communication system that allows you to send real-time batch
    notifications to your customers via SMS, e-mail, push or fax with just one click.
  • Configure batch processing capability to meet your requirements and business needs.

Automating banking processes and simplifying
the way you work. Ascertaining the future of
banking and finance