From mail collection to processing of customer receivables, we provide a cost-effective solution to help you improve your business performance

Servicing Banks in their cheque collections, processing and view receivables while migrating from paper to electronic with our full range of automated image processing solutions. Ascertain regional presence enabling us providing Lockbox services to enhance your receivable management, reconciliation, visibility, accuracy and cost-efficiency locally and globally.

Our services are addressing the key challenges in your cheque collections process by providing,

  • Auto capture and classify receivable instruments and invoices.
  • Combining payment, invoice and remittance info
  • Providing account receivable files as per customer transaction processing system file format.
  • Providing credit posting files and CTS feed complied to central bank specifications
  • Cheque return liquidation feed
  • Money postal order processing
  • eFax processing
  • EOD Reconciliation reports

Our services cover wholesale lockbox for B2B payments as well Retail lockbox for C2B Payments. Over 10 years’ experience our lockbox services are matured in handling following domains receivable management.

Insurance (Life/General/Islamic)

  • Telecommunications (Post-paid mobile phone)
  • Non-free to Air broadcasts e.g. internet/cable/satellite TV
  • FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) distributors & manufacturers
  • Statutory bodies/Municipal councils (Tax collection)
  • Other SMEs who receive cheques in bulk from their customers

Our services are currently in use by major regional and global banks across SEA.

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