Intelligent Image Recognition (i2R) is a business-ready solution and can be used by Financial Industries and other industries by capturing document-based information. The system will extract data using various technology such as OCR/ICR/SVU/OMR/ Barcode and QR code. It is able to extract data from multiple sources with built-in workflow. Its flexible design enables various extension possibilities to address other data capture needs within an enterprise.


Multiple Image document support
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Document Restructuring & Reordering
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Automated Image Document Classification
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Automated Indexing

Document Archival

Image Stitching

Image Recognition
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Cheque Image Recognition
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Unlimited Language Support

API Support

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Global Positive Pay (GPP)
With i2R, GPP included with fraud prevention where it identify fraudulent and mismatch cheques.

Transaction Screening
With i2R , system able to perform screening and ensure sanctions compliance of transactions.

Document Classification
With i2R, organizations documents can be auto-classified and able to retrieve the document from archival with keyword search.

Technical Verification
With i2R, the cheque images values are retrieved with OCR technology and sent for the operation queue to perform verification

Data Capture
Using i2R, organization can go paperless where data from various document type, receipt, invoice, bank statement, etc can be captured using AI/Machine learning.

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